Written & Directed by Annick Sickinghe & Sam van Zoest

Years after her recovery, artist Annick notices that her illness is still affecting her. She talks with fellow survivors of childhood cancer about the mental and physical consequences, and visualizes these in an artistic way.

In the documentary LATER, Annick Sickinghe and Sam van Zoest portray the physical and mental recovery process followed by childhood cancer. Annick speaks with seven people who experienced cancer as a child. The central question in LATER is: how does childhood cancer affect your later life? And how do former patients look back on their time of illness after 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years? The intimate and personal interviews are interspersed with animations and poetic images that make the emotion of the story tangible. 

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Written & Directed by: Annick Sickinghe & Sam van Zoest
Cherine Mathot
Ariane Sickinghe
Priscilla van Dijke
Bas van der Voort
Saskia Ouwehand
Corinne Kuijpers
Remco Oomens
Camera & Editing: Sam van Zoest
Music: Annick Sickinghe
Music Recording & Mixing: Lourens van der Zwaag
Sound Design: Poul Sven de Haan
Grading: Serhan Meewisse
Clock and Head Animations: Annick Sickinghe
Charcoal Animations: Thomas Maas
Light Castle: Sam van Zoest
Violin: Eva Scheltema
Sound Design Animations: Thom Verbree
Distribution: Amstelfilm

Release in cooperation with Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology and VOX



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