Annick Sickinghe is a visual artist and musician from Amsterdam. Born into a family of artists, she lives and breathes creativity. Annick makes up half of the singer-songwriter and artist duo StudioMedemens, and plays percussion in the twelve-piece brassband Valvetronic. Recently she branched out into documentaries, creating films about her grandparent's artistry ("Teveel Leuk"), and her personal battle with cancer and its aftermath ("Later"). Her work radiates a fascination and love for the adventure of life. In addition to this, Annick writes, draws, photographs, designs, experiments, jumps in puddles, rocks jumpsuits, dances in the rain, swims in freezing cold water, and loves the colour orange. Grote Blij ("Big Happy"), as she and her friends call it, is Annick's life motto. It means getting pleasure and zest for life out of making things.

Written by Sam van Zoest 

-Willem de Kooning Academy, 2016 - 2020 
Bachelor of the Arts - Graduated summa cum laude
-Honours degree Willem de Kooning Academy 

-Conservatory of Amsterdam 2014 - 2017
Jong talent department jazz drums

-Wijkpaleis 2020
Group exposition Honours program WDKA
-Leeszaalwest 2019
Group exposition Honours program WDKA
-Tent Rotterdam 2018
Group exposition Honours program WDKA
-Museum Tot zover 2018
Group exposition AANdacht

-Havaz Lemz, 2019
Internship, Creative
-President of the junior-advisory
committee 2015 - 2019
Princess Maxima Centre