In her art Annick Sickinghe focuses on social and educational topics. The starting point in her work is often a change of perspective. She likes to ask herself and others: who are you in relation to the new situation, time, change, culture, or person, what connects us, and what makes us different? She translates this into poetic narratives. In her work as a documentary maker, visual artist, and musician, she combines different media to produce inmaginative artworks. She often collaborates with other creative professionals to complement her expertise and integrate diverse perspectives into her projects. She also works together with experts such as doctors, psychologists, furniture makers, artists, and lawyers, who contribute substantively to her projects from their respective fields.

In January 2021, she graduated with honors from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam with her documentary "LATER." In "LATER," Annick explores the physical and mental effects of childhood cancer and visualizes it in an artistic manner. She expanded this project into an eight-part documentary series for the Princess Máxima Centre in 2023. Additionally, Annick is part of the musical duo Medemens. Their first EP ‘’All That Could Be’’ was released in the fall of 2021. Annick plays percussion in Valvetronic, a twelve-piece brass band from Amsterdam. Click here to listen to her music.

In 2024, Annick is busy with various projects: she is working on a new documentary series for the Princess Máxima Centre, illustrating a music bundle, creating an installation for the Vogeleiland Park in Deventer, releasing an new album and performing with Valvetronic, performing with Medemens, and other musical projects, and she will participate as an ambassador for the Princes Máxima Centre on Ship Perseverance during the Clipper Ocean Race, sailing from Washington to England.

© Roeltje van de Sande Bakhuyzen

-Willem de Kooning Academy, 2016 - 2020 
Bachelor of the Arts - Graduated summa cum laude
-Honours degree Willem de Kooning Academy 
-Conservatory of Amsterdam 2014 - 2017
Jong talent department jazz drums

2021 - now
Freelance documentary director working oa. for
Princes Máxima Centre, bureau Scherptediepte, University Rotterdam.

-Havaz Lemz, 2019
Internship, Creative
-Member of the art committee 2016-2019
Princes Máxima Centre
-President of the junior-advisory
committee 2015 - 2019 Princes Máxima Centre